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[Step One:Mixing] the first metal powder mixed with binder mixed

5 ~ 20μm fine metal powder, alloy powder can be used or pre-mixed powder, as powder particle size of 5 ~ 20μm sintered density, it can get better, usually more than 95% relative density.

Generally plastic materials, to improve the material flow is conducive to injection molding.


[Step two: Kneading] will have the full heat mixing of raw materials mixed

Mixing of the material has been heated to mixing, the metal powder evenly distributed so that the plastic binder, and even from the body, known as Feedstock.


[Step Three: Injection] to complete the material to be stirred with a living embryo Injection

Forming a method of heating to the easy flow of the Feedstock temperature, injected into the cavity, the cooling cycle and then copy the piece (this piece also known as raw embryo, Green Parts).


[Step Four: Debinding] raw embryo into the cleaning agent

This method of raw embryo into the cleaning agent, the use of refined wax and stearic acid and other ingredients can be dissolved in solvents works, first remove the part of the binder, resulting in connected pores, reduce foaming and sintering deformation.


[Step Five: Sintering under high temperature sintering in a vacuum] Health embryo

Vacuum Sintering:
Vacuum inert gas, high temperature 1100 ℃ ~ 1400 ℃, the health of the embryo in the binder removal, dense piece of work completed, we can use to restore the atmosphere, the sintered powder injection molding parts with traditional compression molding parts of the sintering identical, the differences between the larger pieces of students embryo injection is low density, and density of the finished product, but must be more than 95%, so the sintering shrinkage of line 10 to 20%, due to contraction of volume, size control is not easy.